Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals
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Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals
Full service wellness and rehabilitation programs for your canine companion

155 Westchester Road, Colchester, CT 06415 | directions

Open Tuesday through Saturday ~ For appointment or more info call 860-267-9191 or appointment@wizardofpaws.net

Wizard of Paws Staff

Vic Neumann, Photographer

Cassie and VikahnVic rediscovered his interest in photography upon retirement and combined it with his love for wo/man's best friends. He regularly takes photos for Wizard of Paws.

Vikahn and Cassie

Vikahn Visits Wizard of Paws Vic Neumann and his wife, Joan, have always been fond of large breed dogs and following their family of Newfies, ventured into the world of Leonbergers and never looked back. They presently have two Leonbergers, a rescue named Cassie, and new puppy in the spring of 2011, Vikahn.

Vikahn visiting the new
Wizard of Paws Facilty!

View more of Vic's Leonberger photos.


Cassie, along with Lincoln of The Close Call fame, are included in Vic's two volumes of DAWGS, which you can preview below.

Lincoln saved Vic from drowning in June 2009, while he was attempting to rescue Cassie from a dangerous river predicament. As a tribute to Lincoln, all net proceeds from the sale of this book and benefits of the charitable contribution program, "Blurb For Good", will go directly to a Leonberger rescue charity.

Read The Close Call (GoogleDocs, opens in a new window).

Buy the DAWGS books from the Wizard of Paws online store.

DAWGS - Volume One by Vic Neumann
DAWGS - Volume Two by Vic Neumann
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