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Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals
Full service wellness and rehabilitation programs for your canine companion

155 Westchester Road, Colchester, CT 06415 | directions

Open Tuesday through Saturday ~ For appointment or more info call 860-267-9191 or appointment@wizardofpaws.net

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Use our Underwater Treadmill System to help. The underwater treadmill allows your dogs to exercise at a level that is appropriate and safe for his/her condition.

  • Too muddy outside for safe, effective exercise
  • Looking for some cross training or general wellness activities?
  • Does your dog need to trim down or build endurance?
  • Get an edge over the competition for show season!
Wizard of Paws
Photo by Vic Neumann

Whether it is an older dog that is having trouble walking or a performance dog that needs more activity to prepare for the rigors of the show/trial season, we have a program for you.

Wizard of Paws now has two underwater treadmills at our Colchester facility!


Treadmill time is priced per session. Buy a package of multiple visits and save:

Each Session Prepay and save!
  0 to 30 minutes $45.00 10 Visits $405.00 Discount of $45.00!
  31 to 60 minutes $75.00 10 Visits $675.00 Discount of $75.00!

Sessions can be pre-purchased at this savings for ball and core work, stretching and treadmill time.

Wizard of Paws Treatment Facility
Photo by Vic Neumann

The decision to have Fidget stay at Wizard of Paws for rehabilitation after his ACL surgery was not made lightly. It is always a hard decision to board your dog and this is especially true when they have been injured. It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. Not only did Fidget come home stronger, with a much improved gait, but he also had a great time. I could not have afforded the time, travel and treatment costs of piecing together a program closer to home. He would not have progressed as fast had he stayed home.

His workouts started early in the morning and continued throughout the day and into the evening with down time to eat rest and recover. No matter what time I called, he was always doing something or had just finished a work out. Debbie used a variety of methods and activities to get him to use his leg properly. He did not have a “canned” program; instead it was tailored to his needs, ability and interests. I was sent home with a program to continue his improvements.

The Wizard of Paws facility is clean, attached to the house and offers a variety of options. Fidget was treated like one of the family. He got to hang out with Rhom, work with Debbie, spend supervised time with their dogs, and get treats from Debbie’s children. It was reassuring to know that I could call anytime to see how he was doing. They spent so much time with him; they had intimate knowledge of his moods, eating habits etc. unlike a bigger facility. Debbie has been a wonderful resource and very giving of her time and knowledge throughout this whole process. I can’t thank her and her whole family enough for all their help and support.

Cathy Keenan

Fall 2008 Follow up on Fidget...

Fidget did really well in his jumpers class! We won Master’s performance level at 22 inches! He jumped smoothly and did not have any bar ticks. We will keep working so that he can go back to championship in the spring.

I want to thank you again for all the time and advice you have given.  Without you Fidget would probably not be using his leg. I will keep recommending you to all of my friends.


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Dog Exercising On Treadmill
Photos by Vic Neumann

Treadmill Exercise For Dogs

Cruz is a young Bullmastiff staying with us for conditioning and strengthening as he continues his success in the conformation ring. 
Owners -
Michelle and Mike McGovern